What Bible does Jordan recommend?

Jordan highly recommends The Companion Bible.


Jordan and the Zeitgeist movie?

While Jordan very much appreciates that much of the movie Zeitgeist was based on his work, he wishes to make it clear that he was not involved in the production of that film or its sequel Zeitgeist Addendum in any way whatsoever.   He only became aware of Zeitgeist after it had been completed and released on the internet. 

You can listen to the producer of Zeitgeist discussing Jordan's influence on the film at Jordan's Audio/Video page.


Jordan's videos on Google Video, YouTube, etc.?

Jordan has never personally put any of his videos on Google Video, YouTube or any video websites.  Many of of his videos have been placed on these sites by people totally unaffiliated with Jordan.   But Jordan himself has never put any of his work on any of these sites.


Why is Jordan pictured with controversial people in his Photo Gallery?

Jordan, being a public figure speaking at conferences around the world, necessarily meets and is greeted by many famous people.  Throughout his career, he has had pictures taken with many of them, some of which are included on this website.  Jordan's view is to treat everyone with respect, and feels that God has not appointed him to be a judge over anyone.


Jordan's comic book series

As with the Zeitgeist movie, Jordan had no input into -- or connection with whatsoever -- the comic book series that was created based on him.   The comic book is the sole creation of a friend of Jordan's, and Jordan did not personally have anything to do with its creation.


With so much to know and learn, where do I start?

Jordan suggests that this website would be a good start ... take the time to read it all!  Jordan finds, upon inquiry, that about 90% of the people contacting him have not taken the time to go through his website at all.    Many questions that Jordan is asked every day are already answered on this website.  Please review the website in its entirety.

What books should I start with first?

On Jordan's home page are three books that Jordan considers to be the most important, which you should get first.  After those, also click the "Research" button at the top of the website, and you will find a box called "Recommended Books & Materials."   Jordan highly recommends everything on that page.


Has Jordan received the e-mail I sent him?  I haven't received a response.

Jordan gets around 100 e-mails a day, every day.   He reads his own e-mail and appreciates ALL of the e-mails people send him.  Due to the large volume, however, it is not possible for him to answer every message.   

Also please note that Jordan does NOT participate in "social networking" sites like MySpace, FaceBook, etc.


Does Jordan believe in God?

Yes, most certainly!   Jordan has always believed in the presence of God.  But he is also well-aware, through years of study, that man-made religions are the product of "The Powers That Be."   Jordan sees no problem whatsoever with the words and teachings attributed to Jesus in the Bible's New Testament.  

Jordan believes that the Bible -- both Old and New Testaments -- is a profoundly important work of benefit to mankind.   This is especially true of the New Testament story of Jesus.   Jordan believes that the New Testament is a brilliantly conceived story which is in fact an encoded metaphor.   The correct understanding of the metaphor in the New Testament story have been purposely concealed by the Church throughout the ages. 

In Jordan's view, the entire belief system we call Christianity, in all of its various forms and denominations (not the Bible) as it exists in the world today, is a fraud foisted on the unsuspecting peoples of the world.  Overall, the Church is a world-wide money-grubbing criminal conspiracy, owned behind the scenes by "The Powers That Be." In Jordan's view, it is time for the Christian Establishment world-wide to be seen for what it really is: an enemy of both God and factual Truth. 

Jordan further feels that the entire Christian church in the world today is a creation of the same "Powers That Be" who have given us the corrupt world that we live in.   It is time for the Christian Church to be exposed for the profound evil that it represents in this world.  It is also time for the encoded metaphor, hidden for years, to be brought to light for the benefit of those who recognize that there is nothing of any redeemable value in the Christian church today, and who wish to worship God "in Spirit and in Truth."   In the very near future, Jordan will be presenting the encoded metaphor for the first time here on his website.

In conclusion, Jordan has the highest of respect for the Divine Presence in the universe that men have called "God," and believes that the New Testament is a profound and brilliantly-written metaphor which needs to be explained to those who are sincerely longing and searching for the truth of our existence.   Explaining for the first time the encoded metaphor in the New Testament is surely now "an idea whose time has come."  This hidden encoded story will be presented by Jordan Maxwell on this website very soon.

Concerning the entire Christian establishment in the world today:

"By their fruits you will know them." 

(Matthew 7:16)