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Coast to Coast AM host George Noory also discussed Jordan's work and influence on Zeitgeist during a recent program:



George Noory
Host of radio's "Coast to Coast AM"

Alex Jones Host of The Alex Jones Radio Program.

Alex Jones and George Noory discuss attacks on Jordan Maxwell.

In another interview, George Noory discussed Jordan's work on the air with guest Michael Tsarion:

... and in December 2008, Jordan's name came up again during a Coast to Coast interview with researcher William Henry:

George Noory thanks Jordan for his work.


Audio Only: 1 Minute

Stephen Mehler
Research Director, gizapyramid.com

Long-time friend Stephen Mehler also mentioned Jordan on a recent Coast to Coast appearance:



Zecharia Sitchin's "final comments" to Jordan.


Audio Only: 7 Minutes
Roswell UFO Festival 2007  

Seated, clockwise from left: Coast to Coast AM Host George Noory, Producer Tom Danheiser, Richard Hoagland, and Jordan Maxwell. Standing directly behind Hoagland is Dr. Roger Leir. Photo taken at the recent Roswell UFO Festival 2007.

You can listen to the actual Roswell broadcast here!


Video: 10 Minutes
Sacred Mysteries Conference

In May 2008, Jordan was a featured speaker at the Sacred Mysteries conference in Los Angeles. You can watch video from the event below.

In the photo: Host George Noory, Dr. Roger Leir, Whitley Strieber, Jay Weidner.



It is well-known that Jordan's work has inspired numerous other researchers to begin their own studies. But not everyone knows that Jordan's material has also been incorporated into works of music by some of today's most talented artists. Here are just a few recent examples.

Audio Only: 2 Minutes

Veteran rap musician KRS-ONE performs a song inspired by Jordan's research into astro-theology:

"Fourth Quarter Free Throws"



From: Ice-T and Afrika Islam
Date: December 16, 2006
To: Jordan Maxwell
Subject: Welcome to the Machine

Afrika Islam and my fellow members of the Machine would like to invite Jordan Maxwell to become an honorary member of the Machine Project, and we would also like to thank him for all the mountains of knowledge, wisdom and over standing, reasons, factology, and inspiration he has given us over the past years -- opening our eyes to the truth of the matrix; the Masters of the system called the New World Order -- as well as helping us follow the trail of truth. He is a great Master Teacher, and we are most grateful for his relentless battle to free our minds, bodies and souls from the death-grip of the Matrix, better known as the New World Order. As you can see -- and hear -- his works in many of the mouths and minds of the Universal Zulu Nation, and others in the hip-hop culture that are awake and aware. Is a great honor to be able to call him both a teacher and friend.

Welcome to the Machine.

Afrika Islam
Ice-T, Afrika Bambaataa, Afrika Islam

And we dedicate this song, "NEW WORLD ORDER," to you.

Listen to Afrika's latest track: "New World Order" featuring Jordan Maxwell.

The Pyramid Center - Promo Video
Joe Dolezal, George Noory, Jordan Maxwell

Aaron McCollum - Awake and Aware 2011 part 4 of 4