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Keys to Understanding Hidden
Symbols in the Bible - Part 1, 2 & 3!

Each presentation is an hour lecture on the true meaning of Biblical Symbology. Jordan delves deep into the mystery and misunderstandings of the Western Bible to reveal astonishing, yet little known facts.
DVD - Only $24.95
DVD - Only $24.95
DVD - Only $24.95
~ OR ~
Get all 3 DVD's for only $55.95 - (FREE SHIPPING!)

Mazzoroth: The Sage & Lucifer: Bringer of the New Age!
(Two Part Series)

Mazzoroth, a term meekly spoken about in the Bible, refers to the mysteries the Hebrews called the Zodiac. Discover how the Hebrew and the Bible have casually integrated ‘star-science’ into a World Religion.

Lucifer is yet another bold presentation about a misunderstood concept of this alleged 'Dark Angel, which Jordan shows to be an idea or reference to The Dawn of The New Age!

DVD - Only $24.95
DVD - Only $24.95
~ OR ~
Get Both DVD's for only $49.95 - (FREE SHIPPING!)

The Messiah & King Solomon's Temple Exposed!
(Two Part Series)

Everyone knows Jesus is the central theme of Christianity, but who or what really was the Messiah? Jordan explains how this allegorical "cornerstone" plays such a critical role in Western religious thought. (One hour presentation).

What was King Solomon’s Temple? Has it ever exited and if so, where is it now? Could it have simply been a structural symbol for the universe or something else entirely? Jordan explains all in this one hour presentation.

DVD - Only $24.95
DVD - Only $24.95
~ OR ~
Get Both DVD's for only $49.95 - (FREE SHIPPING!)

Moses: The Law Giver & The Hidden
Dimension in World Affairs
(Two Part Series)

Moses has played one of the most profound roles in Western society, but who was he and where did he truly receive his ‘laws’? Also, what is the Holy Soma which is so adamantly respected in the Bible? Find out this, and much more!

The Hidden Dimension in World Affairs is one of Jordan’s most controversial subjects. It emphatically displays Vatican ties to some of the highest crimes in humanity past and present. A must see for anyone in search of this knowledge.

DVD - Only $24.95

DVD - Only $24.95

~ OR ~
Get Both DVD's for only $49.95 - (FREE SHIPPING!)

The Dawn of a New Day

Researching this subject for over 40 years, this is truly of Jordan Maxwell’s treasured release. Exposing the symbol which seems to permeate so many different and opposing factions throughout the world and history, Jordan shows that the idea of a ‘New Dawn’ is much more profound and perhaps sinister than few have been able to recognize. (90 min. presentation)

the dawn of a new day
DVD - Only $24.95

An experience at Area 51!

A 40 mintue impromptu interview by Jakub Dolezal with Jordan Maxwell on Jordan's unexpected UFO encounter right outside AREA 51 back in 1989!
DVD - Only $19.95


The Priesthood of the Illes

Discover the Hidden foundations of Western Civilization. 3 amazing books in one. Jordan claims this is by far the most interesting expose on the hidden world of words, terms, concepts and belief systems that have been developed over the past 2000 years by the Illuminati to control the human race. (3 ebooks in 1) - This is a PDF document.

The Priesthood of the Illes
DVD - Only $24.95

Jordan MaXwell's Files

A new unabridged / unedited DVD collection of all Jordan's personal research in its raw unedited format. This priceless set of research documents contains over 5000 items, 161 topics & over 3.4 GB of information. Discover British / Israel , the NAZI / NASA connection, rare mind control documents and much much more!


Jordan Maxwell Files
DVD - Only $24.95

The Re-Release of Jordan Maxwell Classics!

12 unique DVD presentations that started it all! Discover Jordan’s first daring presentations covering a wide field of subjects long before the genre of 'new age conspiracy theories' were mainstream.


Ancient Religous History DVD - $19.95
DVD - $19.95
Basic Slide Presentation DVD - $19.95
Magic Dominates the World DVD - $19.95
Jordan in Eygpt DVD - $19.95

Secret Societies DVD - $19.95
UFO past present and future DVD - $19.95
Signs of Destiny DVD - $19.95
The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You to Read DVD - $19.95
Toxic Religion DVD - $19.95
A Private Interview DVD - $19.95
The Bible, End Times, and Prehistory DVD - $19.95

Ancient World Mysteries
by Klaus Dona

This professionally well produced video opens the door to the dark side of our earth's history. For far too long we have not been told about this "hidden part" of our ancient past and for good reason.  What you will discover in this fascinating program are the countless strange "out of place" artifacts found the world over that defy our best science today.  If you think that Indiana Jones was great entertainment.  Wait till you see this stuff, and it's real !!!

Only $19.99

Symbols, Sex and the Stars

Subtitled An Outline of the Origins of Moon and Sun worship, Astrology, Sex Symbolism, Mystic Meaning of Numbers, the Cabala, and Many Popular Customs, Myths, Superstitions and Religious Beliefs. Preface by renowned religious researcher Jordan Maxwell who says, This is a must read for those concerned about pagan influence on the modern day Church. Answers questions such as: How did the concept of good and evil develop?, What is the true origin of Easter?, Why is sex such a powerful force in religion?, What religious symbols are really sexual messages?, How are the Great Pyramid and numerology connected?, How did Astrology really start?, Is there a connection between Jesus and Astrology?, Why was prostitution once an important part of religion?, and many others. Paperback , Published Jul-01 , 5.5 x 8.5 , 396pp

ONLY - $25.95 - HARDCOPY

ONLY - $9.95 - EBOOK

Stellar Theology & Masonic Astronomy

Foreword by Jordan Maxwell. This incredibly detailed book reveals the hidden meanings behind occult signs and symbols from ancient times, found in what is termed stellar theology, and then carried over into modern religions. Few people have any knowledge of the occult or hidden connections between Judaism, Christianity and the Biblewith World Freemasonry. Brown, a Freemason, provides these important connections. Covers ancient astronomy and how it became incorporated into the various religions. Also explores the worlds early legends and symbols and how they were connected to ancient astronomical systems. These revealing facts form the basis for many of todays religious concepts and belief systems. Paperback , Published Feb-06 , 6 x 9 , 268pp

ONLY - $21.95 -

ONLY - $9.95 - EBOOK

Matrix of Power

Who really runs the world? Who controls the money, the politics, and almost every facet of life without you knowing a thing about it? Is such a thing possible? Maxwell grew up in a family that had high-ranking insiders in international politics and religion, so had access to information that few people could imagine. He continued with a lifetime of investigation and is now considered the worlds foremost authority on ancient religions and modern conspiracies. He has appeared on three CBS television specials and countless radio shows. His work on the true meaning of symbols in politics, religion, and major corporations is also covered in this highly illustrated book. Explore this fascinating subject with a man who has devoted a lifetime of study to uncovering our hidden masters. Paperback , Published May-07 , 6 x 9 , 104pp

ONLY - $12.95


That Old-Time Religion

Shows how many Christian beliefs could be far older than what we have suspected. Gives a complete run-down of the stellar, lunar, and solar evolution of our religious systems and contains new, exhaustive research on the gods and our beliefs. The books main theme centers on the work of Jordan Maxwell, widely known as one of the worlds foremost experts on mythological systems and their influence on both ancient and modern religions. Includes an interview with Dr. Alan Snow, referred to by Sydney Ohmarr as the worlds greatest authority on astrology and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Paul Tice also contributes three chaptersone on how we should revert to the teachings of religious founders, including Jesus, before they had become corrupted by organized religion. Illustrated and very comprehensive. Paperback , Published May-07 , 6 x 9 , 124pp

ONLY - $13.95

Occult Theocrasy

A few years back, a little known book dealer was offering a curious title. It was called Occult Theocracy by a woman named Edith Starr Miller using the pen name of Lady Queenborough. The book is a fascinating look into the various occult traditions from the 16th century to the early 20th century (the book was privately published in 1933), after the author died in mysterious circumstances. Perhaps, she had revealed too much of the truth? After I had the chance to study the book intimately, I could certainly understand why someone wanted Miller to stop revealing esoteric secrets of the various occult orders reviewed in her book.

ONLY - $9.95 -




The Book No Pope Would Want You to Read

This book is an all in one expose of the Catholic Church and their leaders who have lied, cheated their parishioners and the world for 2000 years...this expose names names and takes no prisoners...gets past the infallibility claims and public relation campaigns that still go on...for Catholics, ex-Catholics and the world. The mafia, the drugs, weapons, molestations are not the work of the holy...but the work of criminals.

ONLY - $19.99

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